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1. The role of benthic suspension feeders in Antarctic communities [CNDA-ESP_ANT97-1533-E]
In English: A total of 3457 colonies have been sorted and labeled, and around 72 species of hydroids have been recognized. From the present cruise, 63 anthozoan species have been collected, most ...

2. Study of benthic fauna asociated to volcanic structures of Bransfield Strait central basin [CNDA-ESP_ANT96-2440-E]
In English: During GEBRAP 96 Survey, 9 trawls from 647 to 1592 meters in depth were carried out on underwater volcanic structures located at the central basin of Bransfield Strait. Its objective ...

3. Distribution, biological parameters and trophic relationships from the demersal ichthyofauna from the SE Weddell Sea [CNDA-ESP_ANT95-1249-E]
In English: Field work was carried out on board the RV "Polarstern" during the ANT XIII-3 cruise organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research. A total of 13 demersal ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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