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1. Land and sea ice sructure west and south of Ross Island measured by ground penetrating radar, UAV, and helicopter EM bird - K053_2009_2012_NZ_1 [K053_2009_2012_NZ_1]
This data set decribes surface and volume properties of snow and ice to validate radar satellite measurements. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) at 500 and 1000GHz provides information on snow layers ...

2. Antarctic Sea Ice Thickness Mapping in McMurdo Sound [K063_2011_2012_NZ_1]   PARENT DIF
In-depth research has been conducted into sea ice thickness in the McMurdo Sound. The subice platelet layer thickness under sea ice was measured in regular intervals at two North-South oriented profiles ...

3. Timelapse camera, ice-penetrating radar and GPS data from Beardmore Glacier grounding line. [K001BI_2010_2011_NZ_1]   PARENT DIF
Timelapse camera, ice-penetrating radar and GPS data collected at the grounding zone of Beardmore Glacier, Transantarctic Mountains, Dec 2010. Two time-lapse cameras were deployed on the summit of ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3

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