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1. Aerosol Number Concentration Observed in the Arctic Ocean, 2012. [KPDC_ANCO_ARCTIC_2012]
Condensation particle counter measures the number of aerosol condensation particles of > 10nm in diameter for CPC3772 and >2.5nm for CPC3776.

2. Aerosol Size Distributions Measured at the South Pole during ISCAT [Aerosol_Sz_Dist_South_Pole]
This data set contains the physical aerosol size distributions measured at the South Pole during December 1998 and December 2000. The size range covered by these measurements was ...

3. Atmospheric and Meteorological Data Over the Kuwait Oil Fires Taken From Aircraft [KUDA_AIRCRAFT]
Airborne studies of the smoke and pollution from the Kuwait oil fires were carried out in 1991 at the end of the Persian Gulf War. Over 600 oil wells, storage tanks, and refineries were ...

4. Southern Ocean size segregated aerosol chemistry and number size distribution during Umitaka-maru 08/09 cruise [UM0809_32_aerosol]
The aerosols, anmonium gas and ozon concentrations of atmosphere were obtained for the cruise of Umitaka-maru UM 08/09. The number size distributions of aerosols were measured using two optical particle ...

5. The NOAA Climate Monitoring Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL) Aerosol Data from the NOAA Climate Diagnostics Center via WWW [OAR0008]
The NOAA Climate Monitoring and Diagnostics Laboratory (CMDL) address on the WWW is ''. This data set records light-scattering coefficient and condensation ...

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