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1. Nimbus-5 Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer (ESMR) Imagery of Brightness Temperature on 70 mm Film (ESMRN5IM) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_ESMRN5IM_V001]
The ESMRN5IM data product consists of daily brightness temperature images on 70-mm photofacsimile film. Each frame contains a geographic grid and two groups of three parallel strips of imagery, each ...

2. Nimbus-5 ESMR Polar Gridded Brightness Temperatures [NSIDC-0077]
The Nimbus-5 Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer (ESMR) data set consists of gridded brightness temperature arrays for the Arctic and Antarctic, spanning 11 December 1972 through 16 May 1977. ...

3. Nimbus-5 ESMR Polar Gridded Sea Ice Concentrations [NSIDC-0009]
Daily and monthly averaged sea ice concentrations from the Nimbus-5 Electrically Scanning Microwave Radiometer (ESMR) are available for the Arctic and Antarctic from 12 December 1972 through 31 December ...

4. Sea Ice Trends and Climatologies from SMMR and SSM/I-SSMIS [NSIDC-0192]

Notice Regarding Data Corrections

04 September 2013

These data sets were recently revised. Please refer to the Documentation link provided above for details ...

5. State of the Cryosphere [NSIDC-0090]
The Cryospheric regions, or regions where water is found in solid form, are among the most sensitive to temperature change. Average temperatures in snow and ice-covered areas typically ...

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