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1. Biodiversity and ecophysiology of Antarctic sea-ice bacteria [ASAC_1012]
The data set includes information relevant for the study and description of sea-ice bacteria contains the following dataset subgroups and is organised by REFERENCE number. 1) Isolation data: strain ...

2. CO2, Hydrographic, and Chemical Data Obtained During the R/V Meteor Cruise 11/5 in the South Atlantic and Northern Weddell Sea, CDIAC/NDP-045 [CDIAC_NDP045]
The Numeric Data Package (NDP-045) contains carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrographic, and chemical data collected during the R/V Meteor Expedition 11/5 in the South Atlantic Ocean, including the Drake Passage ...

3. NERC Biogeochemical Ocean Flux Study (BOFS) data in the Southern Ocean (1992) [BODC_BOFS_SouthernOcean]
The aim of the Sterna 92 project was to measure the magnitude and variability of carbon and nitrogen fluxes during early summer in the Southern Ocean, with particular emphasis on rates and processes ...

4. Sediment metal data (1M HCl extraction) from the Davis STP project [DAVIS_STP_Metals]   PARENT METADATA
Untreated, macerated wastewater effluent has been discharged to the sea at Davis Station since 2005, when the old wastewater treatment infrastructure was removed. This environmental assessment was ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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