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1. C-14 Age Measurement of Buried Woods Sampled in Aomori Prefecture [BURIEDWOODS-HIT1994]
The authors present the following 4 remarks as the results of caron-14 measurement in 1989-1993. (1) The sample collected at Januma, Sannohe, coincided with that excavated from Hachinohe tephra. (2) ...

2. C-14 Specific Activity of Farm Products and Marine Products Collected from the Rokkasho Area in Aomori Prefecture [FARMMARINEPRO-HIT1994]
We investigated C-14 specific activity of farm products and marine products which were collected from the Rokkasho area in Aomori prefecture from 1988 to 1990. The measured C-14 specific activity ...

3. Measurments of Tritium Concentrations in Environmental Water Samples in the Hachinohe Area [TRITIUMCONCENTRATION-HIT1989]
We have measured tritium concentrations in the environmental water samples using a liquid scintillation counting system since 1987. In this report we describe the technical procedures to obtain tritium ...

4. Pelagic Archaea in the changing coastal Arctic (PACCA) [Pelagic_Archaea_Coastal_Arctic_Herndl_IPY71_NL]
Samples were collected in the bay of Kongsfjorden (Svalbard) in August 2007 and June 2008. Up to 8 stations located along a transect from a glacier towards the open sea were sampled weekly to examine ...

5. Radiocarbon Dating Report of Hachinohe Institute of Technology [RADIOCARBONDATING-HIT-1993]
The authors have measured 14C age since May, 1987. In this paper, we report 40 ages of the samples measured before 1992 and also describe the related informations for each sample. The input data ...

6. Runoff Analysis Using Multiple Isotope Tracers in the Iwami River Drainage, Akita, Japan [IWAMIRO]
The rate of direct runoff was determined after a heavy rain fall in the Iwami River drainage (ca. 100km2), based on changes in hydrogen and oxygen isotopic ratios and tritium content of river water. ...

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