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1. Winter Cloud Experiment (WINCE) MODIS Airborne Simulator (MAS) Level-1B Data Products [LAADS_MAS_WINCE]
The objective of the Winter Cloud Experiment (WINCE) campaign was to improve remote detection of thin cirrus and thick scattered clouds over snow and ice by studying their radiative properties. In ...

2. BOREAS HYD-02 Estimated Snow Water Equivalent (SWE) from Microwave Measurements [BOREAS_H02SWED]
The surface meteorological data collected at the BOREAS tower and ancillary sites are being used as inputs to an energy balance model to monitor the amount of snow storage in the boreal forest region. ...

3. Jason-1 level 2 Altimeter Geophysical Data Record version C binary format [PODAAC-J1GDR-BIN0C]
The Jason-1 Geophysical Data Records (GDR) contain full accuracy altimeter data, with a high precision orbit (accuracy ~2.5 cm), provided approximately 35 days after data collection. The instruments ...

4. OSCAR 1 degree ocean surface currents [PODAAC-OSCAR-10D01]
OSCAR (Ocean Surface Current Analysis Real-time) contains near-surface ocean current estimates, derived using quasi-linear and steady flow momentum equations. The horizontal velocity is directly estimated ...

The Met Office C-130 research aircraft was based at Windhoek, Namibia between September 5-16, 2000, where it conducted a series of flights over Namibia as part of the SAFARI 2000 Dry Season Aircraft ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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