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1. MSU_SK data from OKEAN-O mission, 1999-2001, IRE CPSSI archive [IRE_OKEAN_MSU-SK]
OKEAN - Russian-Ukrainian mission, data were collected during OKEAN scientific program from board of OKEAN-O1 satellite, processed in NC OMZ (Scientific Center of Operational Monitoring of Earth of ...

2. RESURS-O1 data from Eurimage [EURIMAGE_RESURS]
Eurimage is bridging the gap between AVHRR's 1 km resolution and Landsat TM's 30 metres with data obtained from the RESURS-O1-3 satellite from Russia. Launched in November 1994, this third satellite ...

3. The PRIRODA MSU-SK Sensors Data and Products [irepmsusk]
PRIRODA (Nature) is the last module of the space station MIR that was launched on April 23 and docked on April 26, 1996. PRIRODA module is equipped with the set of optical, infrared and microwave ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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