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Contains wind speeds and directions derived from the Seasat-A Scatterometer (SASS), presented chronologically by swath for the period between 7 July 1978 and 10 October 1978. Robert Atlas et al. (1987) ...

Contains the AFM-06 surface meteorological data near the Old Jack Pine site in the Southern Study Area.

3. Enhanced resolution Ku-band sigma-0 images of the earth 1978 [Seasat_scatt_sigma0_images]
This Seasat scatterometer (SASS) data set consists of enhanced resolution radar backscatter (sigma0) images of the Earth's surface. Images are generated on polar stereographic and Lambert ...

This file contains the MISR Level 3 Component Global Land Product covering a month

5. Scatterometer Climate Record Pathfinder Data [NSIDC-0613]
This data set contains mean normalized backscatter coefficient (sigma-naught); backscatter variance; and other associated data files from Seasat SASS carrying a Ku-band scatterometer (1978), European ...

6. Southern Hemisphere Iceberg Tracks Derived from Scatterometer Data [Scatterometer_Iceberg_Tracking]
Positions of large (typically greater than 10 nmi) tabular icebergs around Antarctica derived from enhanced resolution historic and present scatterometer data.

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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