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1. An Investigation into the Seismic Signatures Generated by Iceberg Calving and Rifting [fricker_0739769]
This award supports a project to strengthen collaborations between the various research groups working on iceberg calving. Relatively little is known about the calving process, especially the physics ...

2. Characterization of Lake Amundsen-Scott, South Pole: A Ground Geophysical Program, Antarctica [anandakrishnan_0538097]
This award supports a project to intensively study a subglacial Antarctic lake near the geographic South Pole using seismic and radar methods. Raw seismic data are archived at the IRIS DMC (Data Management ...

3. Iceberg Harmonic Tremor, seismometer data [MacAyealseismo_tremor_0229546]
Iceberg harmonic tremor (IHT) emanating from tabular icebergs in the Southern Ocean and around the coast of Antarctica is observed as seismoacoustic signals on islands in the equatorial Pacific, as ...

4. Ross Sea Icebergs (B15A, C16, B15J, B15K, C25 and Nascent): Drift, weather and seismic data. [macayeal_0229546]   CHILD DIFs
During 2001-2006, 6 giant icebergs (B15A, B15J, B15K, C16 and C25) adrift in the southwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica, were instrumented with global positioning system (GPS) receivers, magnetic compasses, ...

5. Seismometer data from calving front of Ross Ice Shelf [MacAyealsea_swell_0229546]
A broad-band seismometer (Guralp 40T, with Quanterra Q330 digitizer/baler) was operated at a site called "Nascent Iceberg" (located on the Ross Ice Shelf about 1 km north of a large rift expected ...

6. NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) Center for Tsunami Research: Tsunami Events and Data [NOAA_PMEL_TRP]
The NOAA PMEL Center for Tsunami Research seeks to mitigate tsunami hazards to Hawaii, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Research and development activities focus on an integrated approach ...

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