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1. Active-Layer Depth of a Finnish Palsa Bog [GGD622]
This data set contains 76 active-layer depth measurements (cm) of the Vaisje├Ąggi palsa bog, Finland, from 08 September 1993 to 14 October 2002. Data were collected from a single location at 69 deg ...

2. Climate Data from Barrow and Atqasuk, Alaska, 1995-2001 [GGD908]
This data set presents various climate data from sites in Barrow and Atquasuk, on the Northern Slope of Alaska. Parameters include thaw depth, air temperature, precipitation, wind speed, light intensity, ...

3. Soil studies of the Ross Sea Region 1959-2009 [K150_1959_2009_NZ_1]
Antarctic soils have been investigated in the Ross Sea Region for 50 years. The cumulative studies have resulted in a large literature base of knowledge on various subjects on the soils from various ...

4. Soil thermal profiles, volcano thermal monitoring, radiometry and some meteorological variables in Deception Island [CNDA-ESP_CGL2005-07589-C03-03ANT]
In English: Data are collected from three meteorological stations. Each station is located near the different vertices of the geodetic net named REGID. The referred vertices are: BEGC, COLA and GEOD. ...

5. Active layer and permafrost properties, including snow depth, soil temperature, and soil moisture, Barrow, Alaska [GGD222]
This data set contains soil temperature, soil moisture, thaw depth, and snow depth data collected at test sites near Barrow, Alaska, during the following years. Soil temperature data - 1963-1966, ...

The FIFE Standing Crop and Nitrogen Content Data Set contains biomass and nitrogen concentration data for live and dead above-ground plant material collected along transects in watersheds within the ...

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