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1. Aircraft Scanners - AERIALDIGI [AERIALDIGI]
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Aircraft Scanners data set contains digital imagery acquired from several multispectral scanners, including Daedalus thematic ...

2. Geochemistry of basalts from the foothills of the Royal Society Range, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica [Panter]
This data set contains wholerock and mineral chemical analysis of basalt from the foothills of the Royal Society Range. The wholerock data contains major element, trace element and isotope ...

3. Geologic Remote Sensing Field Experiment (GRSFE) [GRSFE]
Approximately 50 scientists from eight universities and three NASA centers participated in the Geologic Remote Sensing Field Experiment (GRSFE), which was co-sponsored by the NASA Planetary Geology ...

4. Sample ASTER Digital Terrain Feature (DTF) Product, NASA/EP-ESIP [WP-ESIP_ASTER]
MRJ Technology Solutions, Inc. was designated a NASA Type 3 Working Proto-type Earth Science Information Partner (WP-ESIP) to investigate the application of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission ...

5. The whole Hapex-Sahel experience data [HAPEX-DATA]
HAPEX-Sahel: the Hydrology-Atmosphere Pilot Experiment in the Sahel, 1990-1992. (The following text is an extract of : Geographical, biological and remote sensing aspects of the Hydrologic Atmospheric ...

6. BOREAS Level-0 TIMS Imagery: Digital Counts in BIL Format [BOREAS_TIMS0BIL]
For BOREAS, the TIMS imagery, along with the other remotely sensed images, was collected to provide spatially extensive information over the primary study areas. The level-0 TIMS images cover the ...

The BOREAS Staff Science Aircraft Data Acquisition Program focused on providing the research teams with the remotely sensed satellite data products they needed to compare and spatially extend point ...

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