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1. Level-1 of VTIR (MOS-1/1b) Data Processing(JAXA/EOC) [ND01009]
Level-1 (Radiometric correction) Data for geometric correction is added to VTIR data after radiometric correction.

2. Level-2 of VTIR (MOS-1/1b) Data Processing(JAXA/EOC) [ND001010]
Level-2 (System correction) Map projected VTIR data after radiometric and geometric corrections. Includes Geo-Coded.

3. Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Around Japan from MOS-1/1b VTIR [NASDA-SST]
This study have been done as a part of the activities in Japan for 1992 International Space Year(ISY). The object is to develop the algorithm to create SST dataset using satellite data. MOS-1/VTIR ...

4. VTIR Data from JAXA/EOC Japan [ND01003]
A visible and thermal infrared radiometer (VTIR) covers one visible band and three thermal infrared bands to detect thermal radiation from the earth's surface. This radiometer is equipped with a ...

5. Data from Marine Observation Satellite MOS-1 and MOS-1B from Esrange Satellite Station, Kiruna, Sweden [SSC_Esrange_MOS]
The satellite data is recorded on high density tapes (HDDT). Data on HDDT is raw as recorded from satellite. The HDDT archive is kept 'forever'. The data received is corrected to eliminate errors ...

6. Earth Surface and Atmospheric Imagery from MOS-1-VTIR [NASDA-MOS-1-VTIR]
MOS-1 was launched on February 19, 1987 carrying the MESSR (Multi-spectrum Electronic Scanning Radiometer), VTIR (Visible and Thermal Infrared Radiometer) and MSR (Microwave Scanning Radiometer). ...

7. SMEX02 ASTER Level 1B Data, Iowa [NSIDC-0197]
These ASTER Level 1B data include three Visible and Near-infrared (VNIR) bands, six Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) bands, and five Thermal Infrared (TIR) bands The data are L1B (radiance) data with geometric ...

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