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1. Global Wildlife Disease News Map [NBII_WILDLIFEDISEASE]
The Global Wildlife Disease News Map is an online map makes it possible, for the first time, to track disease outbreaks around the world that threaten the health of wildlife, domestic animals, and ...

2. Pest Watch [PSU_PESTWATCH]
Pest watch is a northeastern regional view over space and time of dynamic information useful for managing insects or diseases. This web site provides an interactive GIS application for managing and ...

3. West Nile Virus Online Maps of the United States [01-West_Nile_Virus_Map-00]
One of the potential effects of global climate change is the spread of disease to new areas, as the vectors of those diseases (e.g., mosquitoes, birds) expand into new locations in response to shifting ...

4. The Conservation GIS Starter Kit [GIS_CONSERVATION_STARTER]
The Conservation GIS Starter Kit is a stand alone program of instruction for learning the basics of GIS technology in relation to conservation and environmental issues. Packed with practical information, ...

5. Mercury Maps [EPA_Mercury_Map]
Mercury Maps is a tool that relates changes in mercury air deposition rates to changes in mercury fish tissue concentrations, on a national scale. Mercury Maps can be used to help identify those waterbodies ...

6. Ecoport: The Consilence Engine [ecoport]
The EcoPort 'universe' may be presented as four distinct but integrated conceptual domains within, and across which a variety of tools and procedures apply in a more or less standard manner. These ...

7. ReefBase: A global information system on coral reefs [ReefBase]
ReefBase is the world's premier online information system on coral reefs, and provides information services to coral reef professionals involved in management, research, monitoring, conservation and ...

8. The National Listing of Fish Advisories (NLFA) [EPA-NLFA]
The National Listing of Fish Advisories (NLFA) The database includes all available information describing state-, tribal-, and federally-issued fish consumption advisories in the United States for ...

Showing 1 through 8 of 8
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