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1. ADMSSTAR - Model for the Analysis of Short-Term Accidental Releases [CERC_ADMSSTAR]
ADMSSTAR is a model for the analysis of Short-Term Accidental Releases based on the ADMS methodology. ADMSSTAR has been developed specifically to estimate air concentration and deposition rate for ...

2. ADMS-Screen - Screening Model for Air Quality Calculations [CERC_ADMS_SCREEN]
ADMS-Screen is a screening model for air quality calculations. It models dispersion from a single stack to calculate ground-level concentrations, providing rapid assessments of stack height. Comparison ...

3. ADMS-Urban - Air Pollution Model [CERC_ADMS_URBAN]
The ADMS-Urban pollution model is a comprehensive tool for tackling air pollution problems in cities and towns. It can be used to examine emissions from 7500 sources simultaneously. ADMS-Urban is ...

4. ADMS-Fire - Model of Dispersion and Deposition from Fires [CERC_ADMS-Fire]
ADMS-Fire is a model of dispersion and deposition from fires. It uses the ADMS dispersion model coupled with a fire source model to predict dispersion and deposition of contaminants from open tyre ...

5. ADMS-Roads Pollution Model [CERC_ADMS_ROADS]
The ADMS-Roads pollution model is a comprehensive tool for investigating air pollution problems due to small networks of roads that may be in combination with industrial sites, for instance small ...

6. Emissions Inventory Tool [CERC_EMIT]
EMIT is an Emissions Inventory Tool. EMIT can be used to store, manipulate and assess emissions data from a variety of sources. Emissions data held in EMIT can be used for: -local air pollution ...

7. FLOWSTAR - A Model of Airflow over Complex Terrain [CERC_FLOWSTAR]
FLOWSTAR is a model developed by CERC for calculating profiles of the mean airflow and turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer. The model includes the impact of hilly terrain and the effects ...

8. GASTAR - Dense Gas Dispersion Model [CERC_GASTAR]
GASTAR is a dense gas dispersion model developed by CERC ideally suited to modelling accident and emergency response scenarios or investigating site safety involving releases of flammable and/or toxic ...

9. LSMS - Liquid Spill Modelling System [CERC_LSMS]
LSMS (Liquid Spill Modelling System) is a tool for calculating the spreading and vaporisation of a liquid pool. Liquids such as liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and others ...

10. ADMS 4 - Air Quality Dispersion Model [CERC_ADMS]
ADMS 4 is a dispersion model used to model the air quality impact of existing and proposed industrial installations. Current and future air quality can be assessed with respect to the air quality ...

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