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1. Earth Science Markup Language (ESML) [01-ghrc_ESML-00]
The Earth Science Markup Language (ESML) is a specialized markup language for Earth Science metadata based on the eXtensible Markup Language (XML?). It is designed to provide a standard way for describing ...

2. Coarse-Grain SSM/I Subsetter [01-ghrc_ssmisub-01]
The Coarse-Grain SSM/I Subsetter is a specialized subsetter for Special Sensor Microwave/Imager (SSM/I) data, which is currently available at the Global Hydrology Resource Center (GHRC) Data Pool. ...

3. The Waypoint Planning Tool: Real Time Flight Planning for Airborne Science [NASA_GHRC_WPT]
NASA Earth science research utilizes both spaceborne and airborne real time observations in the planning and operations of its field campaigns. The coordination of air and space components is critical ...

4. Real Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) [NASA_RTMM]
The NASA Real Time Mission Monitor (RTMM) is a situational awareness tool that integrates satellite, airborne and surface data sets; weather information; model and forecast outputs; and vehicle state ...

5. GHRC Satellite Coincidence Search Engine [01-ghrc_COINC-00]
The Coincidence Search Engine may be used to search for times when one to four satellites were within the same geographic location simultaneously. Searches may be constrained by time, geographic area, ...

6. SPOT: A "Subsettability Checker" for HDF-EOS Files [HDF-EOS_SPOT]
SPOT is a stand-alone tool that can be used to determine if HDF-EOS files are "subsettable" by UAH's HDF-EOS Web-based subsetter, HEW . To be subsettable using the HDF-EOS library calls, files must ...

7. HyDRO, the Hydrologic Data Search, Retrieval and Order System [01-ghrc_HyDRO-00]
With HyDRO, you can search through the dataset holdings at the GHRC using HyDRO, the Hydrologic Data search, Retrieval, and Order system. HyDRO can provide you with a list of GHRC datasets specific ...

8. HDF-EOS Dataset-Independent Web-based Subsetter [01-ghrc_hew-00]
The Dataset-Independent Subsetter (HEW) can subset properly-formatted HDF-EOS data files on latitude/longitude bounding boxes as well as on date/time spans. HEW can also extract the channel information ...

9. HSE: HDF-EOS Subsetting Engine [HSE_Subsetting]
HSE: HDF-EOS Subsetting Engine The core functionality of the HDF-EOS Web-Based Subsetter (HEW) has been extracted into a stand-alone callable function known as the HDF-EOS Subsetting ...

10. Algorithm Development and Mining System (ADaM) [01-ghrc_ADaM-00]
The Algorithm Development and Mining System (ADaM) developed by the Information Technology and Systems Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is used to apply data mining technologies to ...

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