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1. Estimation Tool for Impervious Surface [UCONN_CLEAR_ETIS]
The Estimation Tool for Impervious Surface (ETIS) allows to calculate the amount of imperviousness for specified area based on land cover and population density data. It was developed using linear ...

2. Geospatial Technology Program [GeoSpatial_Technology_Program]
The Geospatial Technology Program was established to provide technical education and training outside the traditional academic environment. Their goal is to help municipal land use officials, staff ...

3. KML to SHP Tool [UCONN_CLEAR_kml_to_shp]
Google Earth is a 3D image viewer that provides free access to a rich resource of satellite imagery. Features can be digitized from the imagery and saved as a kml file. Kml files must be converted ...

4. Landscape Fragmentation Tool [UCONN_CLEAR_lft]
The Landscape Fragmentation Tool (LFT v2.0) maps the types of fragmentation present in a specified land cover type (i.e. forest). This land cover type is classified into 4 main categories - patch, ...

5. Shape Metrics Tool [UCONN_CLEAR_Shape_Metrics]
Metrics that quantitatively measure the various aspects of a feature's shape have applications in fields ranging from landscape ecology to geography. Hundreds of metrics exist for measuring characteristics ...

6. Urban Landscape Analysis Tool [UCONN_CLEAR_ULAT]
Urban development can impact natural resources by eliminating them through land use change and by degrading nearby natural areas. The pattern and density of development can affect the amount of land ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6

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