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1. OLS Analog Derived Lightning Data Set [olsana]
The sun-synchronous Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) series has provided one of the longest running nighttime global lightning data set. The Scanning Radiometer on DMSP-5B-F3 ...

2. Arctic & Antarctic Research Center (AARC) DMSP OLS Direct Readout Radiance Data from Palmer and McMurdo Stations, Antarctica [FE09004B]
DMSP OLS level 0 raw telemetry data are acquired on selective passes by satellite receivers located at McMurdo Station, Antarctica (77 degrees, 51 minutes S, 166 ...

3. DMSP and NOAA Satellite Imagary of the Kuwait Oil Fires [KUDA_SAT_IMAGES]
Satellite data were taken of the Kuwait oil fires during and after the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Over 600 oil wells, storage tanks, and refineries were ignited by the Iraqi army as they fled Kuwait ...

4. DMSP F8, F9, F10, and F11 Level, Layer, Layer Mean, and Brightness Temperatures from the Special Sensor Microwave Temperature Sounder (SSM/T) [OSDPD0003_04_05_09_10]
The parameters in the DPS.PSATATVT.DMSP.SHRORB data set are level temperatures, layer temperatures, and brightness temperatures. The current spacecraft, F10 and F11, data resides in an 8-day rotating ...

5. DMSP F9, F10, and F11 Statistics for Level Temperatures from the Special Sensor Microwave Temperature Sounder (SSM/T) [OSDPD0006]
This directory entry was created from information gathered in a survey conducted as part of NOAA's Data System Modernization program. The parameters in this data set are level temperatures statistics. ...

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