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1. Adopt A Pixel [Adopt_A_Pixel_Service]
Adopt a Pixel is a ground-reference data acquisition system engaging citizen scientists to serve operational and research needs of the Landsat science community. CDI funding will support the establishment ...

2. Landsat Bulk Metadata Service [USGS_EROS_LBMS]
The Landsat Bulk Metadata Service allows you to extract scene metadata from the Landsat inventory. Searches can be made for specific areas of interest by path/row or latitude/longitude, or by sensor, ...

3. The USGS National Map Viewer [USGS_National_Map]   CHILD SERFs
The National Map viewer is the USGS's geographic information system (GIS) application which is designed to provide easy access to geospatial information. The viewer is a Web-enabled portal to all ...

4. LandsatLook Viewer [USGS_LandsatLook_Viewer]
The USGS LandsatLook Viewer allows comprehensive searching and downloading of full-resolution LandsatLook images, along with access to Level 1 Data Products. The LandsatLook Viewer uses ArcGIS Server ...

5. Automated Registration and Orthorectification Package (AROP) [USDA_ARS_AROP]
Accurate geo-referencing information is a basic requirement for combining remote satellite imagery with other geographic information. To detect changes in time-series satellite images, it is extremely ...

6. Earthnet OnLine Interactive [ESA_EOLI]
EOLI (Earthnet OnLine Interactive) is the European Space Agency's client for the Earth Observation, Multi-mission, Catalogue and Ordering Services. The EOLI-SA (Stand Alone) client ...

7. The Land cover Map/image Comparison Tool [lcc_897]
This interactive tool illustrates how different sensors measure the intensity of different wavelengths of light. Source: Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at the American ...

There are three methods for accessing the ICEDS service: 1. through a Web interface, allowing you to browse the datasets held on ICEDS and served through Web Map ...

9. Pacific Disaster Center (PDC) Information on the Great Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami [PDC_Tsunami]
The Great Sumatra Earthquake and Indian Ocean Tsunami has claimed over 200,000 lives across countries including Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, the Maldives, and ...

10. Geomorphology From Space - An Educational Web Site of Space Imagery and Information [01-gsfc_geomorph_space-00]
Geomorphology from Space, originally created in 1986 as a publicized book, is now offered online. The core is a gallery of space imagery with 237 images with information, each treating some geographic ...

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