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1. Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Scenarios for 1995-2100 (CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, PFC, HFC, NOx, SOx, CO, NMVOC, NH3) at 5 yr intervals [MIT_Emissions_Scenarios]
A set of three (low, high, reference) emissions scenarios for CO2, CH4, N2O, SF6, PFC, HFC, NOX, SOX, CO, NMVOC, NH3 and carbonaceous particulates from 1995 through 2100 at 5 year intervals, provided ...

2. oden_2006_underway [oden_2006_underway]
This project conducted a transect between Punta Arenas, Chile and McMurdo Station along the entire western Antarctic coastline, past Marguerite Bay, the Bellingshausen Sea, the Amundsen Sea and into ...

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