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1. Collaborative Research: Deglaciation of the Ross Sea Embayment - constraints from Roosevelt Island [Brook_0944021]
This award supports a project to use the Roosevelt Island ice core as a glaciological dipstick for the eastern Ross Sea. Recent attention has focused on the eastern Ross Embayment, where there are ...

2. GISP2 DO event 19-21 methane data [GISP2_DO_Event_19-21_methane_data]
High resolution methane data for GISP2 for DO event 19-21. These data were generated within the last year, and are still under analysis.

3. High resolution methane data for GISP2 8.2 ka event [GISP2_8.2_ka_methane_data]
Methane concentration data for GISP2 ice core 8.2 ka event. Published by Kobashi et al., Quaternary Science Reviews, in press, 2007.

4. Turtles of the World [Terra_Turtles]
The EMYSystem, of The Terra Cognita Laboratory, is an information repository supporting global turtle conservation. Their goal is to collect and provide current and historical data about ...

Showing 1 through 4 of 4
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