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1. CalCOFI Hydrographic Data from Western US and Mexican Coast, Including parts of the Baja Gulf; 1949 to the Present [SIO_MLRG_CALCOFI]
This dataset consists of over 26,600 hydrographic, low resolution STD/CTD and productivity stations from the Western US and Mexican coasts, including some stations in the Baja Gulf. Data ...

2. The Reid Isobath Set, Digitized from GEBCO Charts for the Pacific (N&S), Atlantic (N&S), Indian, Arctic and Mediterranean [SIO_MLRG_REID_ISOBATH]
This data set provides a stream of coordinates describing a specific isobath as seen in map view. This differs from the usual arrangement that provides depth at ocean positions and requires ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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