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1. AWiFS Data Products [IRS-P6.AWiFS]
The Advanced Wide Field Sensor (AWiFS) camera is an improved version compared to the WiFS camera flown in IRS-1C/1D. AWiFS operates in four spectral bands identical to LISS-III, providing ...

2. Data Products for the Indian Remote Sensing Satellites [NRSC_IRS_LISS_PRODUCT]
The series of indian Remote sensing satellites like IRS-1A,IRS-1B,IRS-1C,IRS-1D,IRS-P4,IRS-P6,IRS-P5 with spatial resolution ranging from 360m to 2.5m and also with pancromatic and multispectral imaging ...

3. Indian Microsatellite-1 (IMS-1) Data [IMS-1_DATA]
The National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is the focal point for distribution of remote sensing satellite data products in India and its neighboring countries. NRSC has an earth station at Shadnagar, ...

4. LISS-III Data Products [IRS-P6.LISS-III]
The Linear Imaging Self Scanning Sensor (LISS-III) is a multi-spectral camera operating in four spectral bands, three in the visible and near infrared and one in the SWIR region, as in ...

5. LISS-IV Data Products [IRS-P6.LISS-IV]
The LISS-IV camera is a high resolution multi-spectral camera operating in three spectral bands (B2, B3, B4). LISS-IV can be operated in either of the two modes. In the multi-spectral ...

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