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1. ADEOS Earth View (EORC-037) [ND02009]
Atmosphere Atmospheric Temperature and Water Vapor Global Distribution of Atmospheric Suspended Particles(Aerosols) Daily Image of Absorbing Aerosols over Land ...

2. ADEOS/AVNIR (EORC-015) [ND02006]
AVNIR Multispectral Band data are found in each CD-ROM.

3. ADEOS/AVNIR Browse Images (EORC-021) [ND01054]
Summary of CD-ROM library This is a set of 3 CD-ROMs and each CD-ROM is containing browse images and catalogue information of ADEOS/AVNIR gained data (cloud coverage rate on ...

4. ADEOS/OCTS Global Map Data Set Chlorophyll-a & Sea Surface Temperature(Ver.3) (EORC-032) [ND02007]
Within two pieces of CD-ROM, Vol.1 contains the Chlorophyll-a concentration (chl-a), Vol.2 contains the Sea Surface Temperature(SST) . This CD-ROM contains the Chlorophyll-a ...

5. ADEOS/OCTS Global Map Data Set Chlorophyll-a(ver.4) & Sea Surface Temperature(Ver.4.1) (EORC-035) [ND02008]
Within two pieces of CD-ROM, Vol.1 contains the Chlorophyll-a concentration (chl-a), Vol.2 contains the Sea Surface Temperature(SST) . This CD-ROM contains the Chlorophyll-a ...

6. AMSR Algorithm Intercomparison Data Set CD-ROM [ND02005]
NASDA's Earth Observation Research Center (EORC) has prepared several match up data sets of SSM/I and in situ data. These will be used for comparisons among each PI's algorithm. EORC will use the ...

7. AVNIR Land Cover Classification (EORC-019) [ND01052]
This CD-ROM contains ADEOS AVNIR images around KANTO and KANSAI. The AVNIR data will be useful for monitoring such phenomena as disasters,resource exploration, distribution ...

8. Global Rain Forest Mapping (GRFM) CD-ROMs from JAXA and NASA [GRFM_NASDA_NASA]
The Global Rain Forest Mapping Project (GRFM) is an effort led by the Earth Observation Research Center (EORC) of the National Space Development Agency of Japan (NASDA) in ...

9. JAXA/EORC Tropical Cyclones database [JAXA_EORC_Tropical_Cyclones_database]
'Tropical Cyclone Database (Ver. 1.0)' was produced and distribute by the Earth Observation Research and application Center(EORC), Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA). JAXA/EORC picked up the ...

10. JERS-1 SAR Training Data Set for SAR Interferometry (EORC-031) [ND01055]
This two-CD set contains JERS-1 SAR single-look phase-preserved complex data produced for an introductory exercise in SAR Interferometry (InSAR).

11. JERS-1 Science Program Application Data Sets '96 (EORC-001) [ND01046]
JERS-1/SAR Interferometry. JERS-1/SAR Sea ice moving vectors in the Arcitic Sea. JERS-1/SAR The Japanese Islands mosaic. JERS-1/SAR Mosic image of the rain forest in southern and ...

12. JERS-1 Science Program'99 (EORC-036) [ND01056]
Hyogo-Ken-Nanbu Earthquake (Differential Interferogram) NW Kagoshima Prefecture Earthquake (Differential Interferogram) Change Detection of the Mt. Iwate and Shizukuishi Derormation ...

13. JERS-1/OPS JAPAN Image Data Set (EORC-017) [ND01050]
This CD-ROM contains JERS-1 OPS in the images around JAPAN.

14. Monitoring of the rain forest in south and west Borneo (EORC-002) [ND01047]
This CD ROM contains one mosaic image and 134 mean and texture images observed by JERS-1/SAR (Japanese Earth Resources Satellite-1/Synthetic Aperture Radar). South and west Borneo (Kalimantan) ...

15. PALSAR Global mosaic and Forest/Non-forest 25m [ALOS_PALSAR_Global_Mosaic_Forest_Non-forest_25m]
Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, has produced the 4 year-25m spacing global PALSAR mosaics, that Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS)/ Phased array Type L-band SAR (PALSAR) collected ...

16. SATELLITE IMAGE DATA SETS The Fiji islands (NASDA-009) [ND01057]
The satellite image data set "The Fiji islands" consists of three CD-ROMs, numbered NASDA-009-1 to NASDA-009-3. The CD-ROMs contain the scenes below. 1) JERS-1 OPS (VNIR) band 1 0.52 -- 0.60 ...

17. The Japanese Islands (EORC-004) [ND01048]
This set of CD-ROMs contains JERS-1 SAR browse images around JAPAN. All browse images are stored as gif files.Observation term is from 1992-09-27 to 1994-08-30.

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