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1. 30 Meter DEM of Yellowstone National Park [NPS_YNP_30M_DEM]
Digital Elevation Models are useful for deriving elevations; modeling 3D surfaces; creating derived products such as slope, aspect, and relief layers; creating watersheds and conducting watershed ...

2. Bedrock Geology of Yellowstone National Park [NPS_YNP_BEDROCK_GEOLOGY]
The conversion of bedrock geology information of the park into a digital format enables easy overlay with other layers for analysis and development of other themes. The bedrock geology coverage was ...

3. Cover Types of Yellowstone National Park [NPS_YNP_COVER_TYPES]
The cover types layer is a picture of the current vegetation communitites in Yellowstone National Park. It is useful in understanding vagetation patterns, patches, and fragmentation; conducting fire ...

4. Fire Growth Maps for the 1988 Greater Yellowstone Area Fires [NPS_YNP_FIRE88_PERIM]
This research effort was initiated soon after the fires were over to reconstruct the fire behavior and the conditions that produced 3 months of large-fire growth. The purpose was to put together a ...

5. Soils of Yellowstone National Park [NPS_YNP_SOILS]
Objectives were to provide baseline soil data at an Order IV level, meaning that soils are classified and mapped at a scale suitable for broad resource planning, and to provide basic soils information ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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