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1. Buzzards Bay Project [gomc_159]
National Estuary Program Waterbody or Watershed Names: Buzzards Bay

2. Casco Bay Air Deposition Monitoring Project [gomc_97]   PARENT METADATA
The Casco Bay Estuary Partnership is devoted to protecting and restoring the water quality, and fish and wildlife habitat of the Casco Bay ecosystem, while ensuring compatible human uses. ...

3. Casco Bay Estuary Partnership Monitoring Programs [gomc_99]   CHILD METADATA
Casco Bay Estuary Partnership is working to protect and restore the Casco Bay ecosystem and watershed while sustaining compatible human uses. The stakeholder-developed "Casco Bay Plan" ...

4. EPA Region 1 301(H) Monitoring Program [gomc_165]
The Federal Clean Water Act requires that all municipal wastewater treatment plants use primary treatment (using gravity to separate solids from liquids) and secondary treatment (using special strains ...

5. Environmental Display Manager (EDM) [EPA0156]
The "Environmental Display Manager (EDM)" is a database which ties together national on-line databases that contain spatial and attribute information on industrial and municipal dischargers, drinking ...

6. Massachusetts Ecosystem Assessment Program [gomc_168]
The MEAP program was part of CZM until 2003, when state funding for the monitoring position dried up. MEAP was essentially the NCA-MA cooperative partnership (NCA=EPA's National Coastal Assessment ...

7. National Estuary Program [epa_nep]
The National Estuary Program protects and restores the health of estuaries while supporting economic and recreational activities. 28 local NEPs are demonstrating practical and innovative ...

8. Ocean Data Evaluation System (ODES) [EPA_ODES]
The Ocean Data Evaluation System (ODES) is used for storing and analyzing water quality and biological data from marine, estuarine, and freshwater environments. The system supports Federal, ...

9. Sole Source Aquifers [EPA_SSA]
A Sole Source Aquifer (SSA) is an aquifer designated by EPA as the "sole or principal source" of drinking water for a given service area; that is, an aquifer which is needed to supply 50% or more ...

10. Volunteer Dissolved Oxygen Night Survey [gomc_292]
This volunteer team, later dubbed "The Insomniacs", was made up of boat groups from various organizations in the Rhode Island and Massachusetts area with an interest in water quality issues in Narragansett ...

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