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1. Erebus hydrogen emissions, oxidation state, phase equilibria, and anorthoclase megacrystals [Y.Moussallam_Erebus_emissions_equilibria_convection_1]   PARENT METADATA
The continuous measurement of molecular hydrogen (H2) emissions from passively degassing volcanoes has recently been made possible using a new generation of low-cost electrochemical sensors. We have ...

2. Erebus source to surface degassing, thermodynamics, solubilities, and magma storage and evolution (2013-2016) [K.Iacovino_papers_ErebusRI_degassing_solubility_evolution_1]   PARENT METADATA
We present new equilibrium mixed-volatile (H2O–CO2) solubility data for a phonotephrite from Erebus volcano, Antarctica. H2O–CO2-saturated experiments were conducted at 400–700 MPa, ...

3. BOREAS TE-06 Predawn Leaf Water Potentials and Foliage Moisture Content Data [BOREAS_TE6H2OPD]
The BOREAS TE-06 team collected several data sets to examine the influence of vegetation, climate, and their interactions on the major carbon fluxes for boreal forest species. This data set contains ...

4. LBA-ECO CD-09 Soil and Vegetation Characteristics, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil [CD09_SOILS_VEG_TAPAJOS]
This data set reports the results of soil and vegetation surveys at four distinct areas within the Tapajos National Forest (TNF), 50 to 100 km south of Santarem, Para, Brazil, in November 1999. At ...

5. LBA-ECO CD-02 Leaf Water Potential, Forest and Pasture Sites, Para, Brazil: 2000-2001 [CD02_LEAF_WATER_POTENTIAL]
Data are reported for leaf water potential of leaves of seven species of trees and lianas from the primary forest at the km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, and measurements of five sapling ...

The Total Leaf Tissue Water Potential Data Set was collected during the summer months of 1988 and 1989. The objective of this study was to determine the influence of plant water status on surface ...

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