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1. Global Soil Moisture Data Bank [GLOBAL_SOIL_MOISTURE]   CHILD METADATA
The Global Soil Moisture Data Bank contains our collection of actual observations of soil moisture from around the world. These are actually measured with gravimetric (most) or neutron probes (Illinois), ...

2. Illinois Soil Moisture Data in the Global Soil Moisture Data Bank [GLOBAL_SM_DATABANK_ILLINOIS]   PARENT METADATA
The Illinois Soil Moisture Data Set consists of soil moisture observations from 19 stations in Illinois from 1981 to August 1996, measured with the neutron proble technique wth gravimetric observations. ...

3. Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)/KBS014: Water Movement in Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) Landscapes [LTER_KBS014]
LTER - Long-Term Ecological Research Program/Kellogg Biological Station (KBS) LTER/KBS014 (Summary adapted from the LTER Core Data Set Catalog): Measurements of water movement through and within ...

4. Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)/KNZ002: Soil Moisture Measurements from the Konza Prairie Research Natural Area (KPRNA) [LTER_KNZ002]
LTER - Long-Term Ecological Research Program/Konza Prairie (KNZ) LTER/KNZ002 [Summary adapted from the LTER Core Data Set Catalog]: This data set contains measurements of soil moisture (%volume) ...

5. BOREAS HYD-01 Volumetric Soil Moisture Data [BOREAS_H01SMPVD]
The BOREAS HYD-01 team made measurements of volumetric soil moisture at the SSA and NSA tower flux sites in 1994 and at selected tower flux sites in 1995-97. Different methods were used to collect ...

6. LBA-ECO ND-04 Pasture Soil Water and Precipitation, Km 54, Manaus, Brazil: 1999-2001 [ND04_SOIL_H2O_MANAUS]
This data set contains soil water measurements to a depth of 3 meters for the years 1999, 2000, and 2001, and total monthly precipitation data for 1999-2000. The data were collected from a pasture ...

The neutron-probe data present a series of measurements of volumetric water content in the soil profile compiled using the neutron method. These data were collected from throughout the FIFE study ...

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