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1. SAREX'92 in South America and ProRADAR in Amazon Region [Canada_CCRS_SAREX_92]
SAREX'92 The South America Radar Experiment 1992 (SAREX'92) was a joint initiative of the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS), the European Space Agency (ESA), ...

2. Biology Year Report for Davis Station, 1982 [Davis_biology_report_1982]
Taken from the biology report for Davis Station, 1982, prepared by Mark Tucker. A hardcopy of the report and field books are available in the Australian Antarctic Division library, and pdf copies ...

3. Davis stable isotope data for coastal ecosystem [TRENZ_2010]   PARENT METADATA
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope data for a range of benthic invertebrates, macroalgae, phytoplankton, sea ice algae and fish from shallow marine coastal region around Davis Station. Part of the ...

4. Experimental Water Purification by Plant-Purification of the Polluted Water with Heavy Metals [EXPERIMWAPURIPLANT]
Water pollution with heavy metals is one of the most serious environmental problems. The aim of the studies are to examine the function of plants to absorb heavy metals. Two species of plants were ...

5. Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER)/NTL005: Aquatic Macroflora Composition and Biomass in Trout Lake, Wisconsin [LTER_NTL005]
LTER - Long-Term Ecological Research Program/North Temperate Lakes (NTL) LTER/NTL005 [Summary adapted from the LTER Core Data Set Catalog]: These data were collected to document and characterize ...

6. NASA Land Information System (LIS) Data Sets [NASA_LIS_DATA]
The Land Information System (LIS) provides collection of sample data for demonstration of LIS code. The original source of each data set is given whenever possible. LIS does not endorse the validity, ...

7. Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation - Lake Macrophyte Database [VTANR_VTDEC_WQD_MACROPHYTES]
Database of aquatic macrophyte species lists from over 200 Vermont lakes dating back to 1977. While the data resolution is coarse, this is a unique dataset in its long-term nature and bredth of coverage ...

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