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1. NASA Land Information System (LIS) Data Sets [NASA_LIS_DATA]
The Land Information System (LIS) provides collection of sample data for demonstration of LIS code. The original source of each data set is given whenever possible. LIS does not endorse the validity, ...

2. A Global Database of Gas Fluxes from Soils after Rewetting or Thawing, Version 1.0 [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1078]
AIRS/Aqua Level-1B calibration subset including clear cases, special calibration sites, random nadir spots, and high clouds. The Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) is a facility instrument ...

3. Analysis of outcoming gas from the CIROS drill holes [K211_1984_1985_NZ_2]   PARENT METADATA
The outcoming gas from the CIROS drill holes was monitored with the composition analysed by gas chromatograph. 10 measurements were made for outcoming gas. Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide were ...

4. Annual Nitrous Oxide (N2O) Emissions on a 1x1 Degree Grid from the Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA), IGBP/IGAC [GEIA_N2O]
The Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) is an activity of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Core Project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP). ...

5. BOREAS TE-01 CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/310]
Contains the shoot geometry data for both coniferous and deciduous samples taken by BOREAS TE-12.

6. BOREAS TE-01 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data over the SSA-OBS Site [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/311]
Contains data on water potential for the Southern Study Area, Fen, Young Jack Pine, Young Aspen, and Old Black Spruce sites.

7. BOREAS TE-01 SSA-FEN Soil Profile Nutrient Data [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/313]
The GEOSAIL model was created by combining the SAIL (Scattering from Arbitrarily Inclined Leaves) model with the Jasinski geometric model to simulate canopy spectral reflectance and absorption of ...

8. BOREAS TF-01 SSA-OA Soil Characteristics Data [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/511]
Contains herbicide and organic chlorine fluxes in dry deposition samples for TGB-07 in the SSA.

9. BOREAS TF-04 CO2 and CH4 Soil Profile Data from the SSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/363]
Contains TGB-12 soil CO2 flux data for sites in the northern study area.

10. BOREAS TF-11 CO2 and CH4 Flux Data from the SSA-Fen [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/371]
Contains the data collected in 1995 by the AMS suite A instrument set operated by SRC and provided to BORIS.

11. BOREAS TGB-01 CH4 & CO2 Chamber Flux Data: NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/374]
Evaluation of surface radiation and energy budget stations for FIFE

12. BOREAS TGB-01 SF6 Chamber Flux Data: NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/376]
Assessing the effects of annual burning & topography on surface energy exchanges

13. BOREAS TGB-01/TGB-03 CH4 Chamber Flux Data: NSA Fen [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/378]
Retrieval of surface fluxes from a combination of satellite & surface platforms

14. BOREAS TGB-03 CH4 and CO2 Chamber Flux Data over NSA Upland Sites [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/381]
The Solar Backscattered Ultra Violet (SBUV) from Nimbus-4 Level-3 monthly zonal mean (MZM) product (BUVN04L3zm) is derived from the Level-2 retrieved ozone profiles. Ozone retrievals are generated ...

15. BOREAS TGB-05 Biogenic Soil Emissions of NO and Nitrous Oxide [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/383]
CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 1 km cloud layer data

16. BOREAS TGB-05 CO2, CH4, and CO Chamber Flux Data over the NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/384]
CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 5 km aerosol layer data

17. BOREAS TGB-06 Soil Methane Oxidation and Production from NSA BP and Fen Sites [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/388]
CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 1/3 km cloud layer data

18. BOREAS TGB-12 Carbon Dioxide Isotopic Content Data over the NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/399]
Canopy photosynthesis rates and resistance chamber measurements during FIFE

19. BOREAS TGB-12 Radon-222 Activity Data over the NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/400]
Vector layers of soil maps. The vector layers were converted to ARC/INFO EXPORT files. These data cover 1-km diameters around each of the NSA tower sites and another layer covers the NSA-MSA.

20. BOREAS TGB-12 Radon-222 Flux Data: NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/401]
Data for use in developing and testing models of forest ecosystem dynamics. The data set describes the soils and landscape characteristics of the NSA-MSA and tower sites.

21. BOREAS TGB-12 Soil Carbon Data: NSA [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/402]
The BOREAS TE-22 team collected data sets in support of its efforts to characterize and interpret information on the forest structure of boreal vegetation in the SSA and NSA during the 1994 growing ...

22. CONUS Soil Database for the Conterminous United States [PSU_CONUS_SOIL]
CONUS-SOIL is a multi-layer soil characteristics data set for the conterminous United States which has been specifically designed for regional and continental-scale climate, hydrology, and ecosystem ...

23. Calhoun Experimental Forest Soil Carbon Study [DU.CalhounForest]
This experiment began in 1962. The site history was a)pre-1800: Eastern North American deciduous forest; b)1800-1957: cotton,corn,wheat,pasture. The site was converted to forest in 1957, and the ...

24. Denitrifying Activity in Deep Soil Profiles [USDA0406]
The "Denitrifying Activity in Deep Soil Profiles" dataset contains data on what factors control denitrifying activity in deep soil profiles. Its purpose is to evaluate an N-based method for measuring ...

25. Digital Soil Information for England and Wales [LandIS]
The National Soil Resources Institute incorporates the former Soil Survey and Land Research Centre and as a result maintains all the published and unpublished paper soil reports and maps for England ...

26. European Soil Database V2 Raster Library -1km x 1km [EUSOILS_ESDB]
The European Soil Database (ESDB) is the main source of information from which most other data information and services are derived. For instance, the European Soil Database v2 Raster Library contains ...

27. LBA-ECO CD-08 Carbon Isotopes in Belowground Carbon Pools, Amazonas and Para, Brazil [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1025]
This data set contains 5-minute land use maps for agricultural activity in Amazonia. The data set was produced by the statistical fusion of agricultural census data from Brazil,Columbia, Bolivia, ...

28. LBA-ECO TG-07 Long-Term Soil Gas Flux and Root Mortality, Tapajos National Forest [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1116]
This Level 3 (gridded) data set’s land surface parameters, surface soil moisture, land surface (skin) temperature, and vegetation water content, are derived from passive microwave remote sensing data ...

29. LBA-ECO TG-08 Trace Gas Fluxes from Wetted Forest and Pasture Soils, Rondonia, Brazil [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/1101]
This data set consists of an enhanced resolution digital elevation model (DEM) for the Greenland Ice Sheet. It was constructed by combining ASTER and SPOT 5 DEMs over the ice sheet periphery and margin ...

30. Monthly Global 1x1 Degree Distribution of Soil-Biogenic NOx Emissions (1990) from the Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) [GEIA_SOIL_NOX]
The Global Emissions Inventory Activity (GEIA) is an activity of the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Core Project of the International Geosphere-Biosphere Program (IGBP). The focus ...

31. NASA/Ames Amazon Ecology (AME) Mapping Data Sets [NASA_AMES_AME]
The AME data set is comprised of maps for the country of Brazil, gridded at 8-km spatial resolution. Each file contains one binary map layer comprised of 552 rows x 634 cols with no header lines ...

32. NASA/Ames Global Emissions Data Set (GLEMIS) [NASA_AMES_GLEMIS]
NASA-CASA data sets include global maps for predicted fluxes of soil nitrogen gases (N2O and NO), methane (CH4), and carbon monoxide (CO), plus predictions of net primary production (NPP) and carbon ...

33. Park Grass Hay Experiment, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Study [IACR.ParkGrass]
This experiment began in 1856 at a cool temperate grassland site that was probably grazed for several centuries before the experiment started. A uniformity trial was carried out for several years ...

34. Permafrost and Gas Hydrates as Possible Sources of Methane, Alaska, USA [GGD235]
This project measured the amount of methane present in shallow permafrost and gas hydrate near Fairbanks, Alaska, to evaluate the role of permafrost and gas hydrate as possible sources of atmospheric ...

35. Praha - Ruzyne, Czech Republic, Long Term Soil Organic Metter/Cropping Experiment [RICP.Praha]
This experiment began in 1956 at a cold temperate boreal site. The location is an arable farm field, several hundred years under cultivation. The soil at the site is described as a Medudalf. The ...

36. Puch Long Term Cropping / Soil Organic Matter Experiment [BLBP.Puch]
This experiment began in 1953 at a cool temperate site in Germany. The rotations and treatments in the experiment are as follows: Bare fallow with repeated grubbing and skim ploughing; continuous ...

37. Sanborn Field, Long Term Crop / Soil Organic Matter Experiment [UMO.Sanborn]
This experimnet began in 1888 at a cool temperate site. The site was used as pasture up until 1886, corn was grown 1887 and 1888. the soil is described as Mexico series (fine montmorillonitic, mesic ...

38. Soil CH4 and CO2 Profile Data from NSA Tower Sites [doi:10.3334/ORNLDAAC/377]
Barnes MMR reflected radiance from calibration panels, adjusted for sun angle

39. Soil chemistry and soil CO2 concentration and isotopic composition from sites in Taylor Valley and the Lake Wellman area [K072_2008_2010_NZ_1]
This study aimed to understand the origin and dynamics of pedogenic carbonate in Antarctic soils, with a long-term view to understanding the formation of carbonate and the storage and turnover of ...

40. South Road Tillage, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Cropping Experiment, Scotland [SAC.SouthRoad]
Collection of data for this data set began in 1967. The Data are collected at a cool temperate site which had mixed arable cropping for many years. The crops were: springbarley 1967-1983; winter ...

41. Statischer Duengungsversuch Bad Lauchstaedt, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Crop Experiment, Germany [UFZ.SOM]
This experiment began in 1902 at a Cool Temperate site in Germany. The parent material of the soil is loess which was deposited during the Weischel ice age as a 120-150 cm thick layer over calcareous ...

42. Tillage Systems/Cropping Sequences Trial C 1, Long Term Soil Organic Matter Study, Australia [NSWAG.C1]
This project began in 1985 at a Warm Temperate SubTropical site in Australia. The soil at the site is classified as a Vertisol. There are four rotations: cotton-cotton (until 1991), wheat-cotton ...

43. Ultuna Long-term Soil Organic Matter Experiment, Sweden [SLU.SSD.Ultuna]
This experiment began in 1956 at a cool temperate site in Sweden. the soil at the site is described as a Typic Eutrochrept (Soil Survey Staff, 1987); Eutric Cambisol (FAO 1988). The site has been ...

44. Urban-Rural Gradient Ecology Program (URGE), USDA/FS [USDA_FS89]
The purpose of "Urban-Rural Gradient Ecology Program" is to study the long-term influences of urbanization on forest ecosystem structure and function. Long term dataset (since 1988) monitoring vegetation ...

45. Woodslee Tile Runoff Rotation Experiment [CLBRR.CEF.AGR.Woodslee]
This experiment began in 1959 at cool temperate site in Canada. The measurments made (data available), methodology, and frequency are as follows: a) Vegetation measurements ...

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