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1. Publications of the Volcano Hazards Program 2004 [USGS_OFR_2006_1102_VHP_2004]
The Volcano Hazards Program of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is part of the Geologic Hazards Assessments subactivity as funded by Congressional appropriation. Investigations are carried out in ...

2. The ANDRILL drilling project - 1284.87 m and 1138.54 m sediment cores from below the McMurdo/Ross Ice Shelf [K001_ANDRILL]   CHILD DIFs
ANDRILL (ANtarctic DRILLing project) is a multinational (Germany, Italy, New Zealand and USA) initiative to investigate the climate and tectonic history of Antarctica by recovering deep sediment ...

3. Geophysical investigations (seismic, aero and ground base magnetic, gravity, GPR and bathymetry surveys) of the tectonic, sedimentary and volcanic history of the Victoria Land Basing - site survey for ANDRILL project [K001_ANDRILL_SITE_SURVEYS]
A multi-national team (Germany, Italy, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA) undertook seismic reflection, aeromagnetic surveys, ground-based magnetic and gravity measurements to image the ...

4. Deep structure, continental margins nature and evolution of oceanic gateways in the NE border of the Antarctic Peninsula (Eastern Bransfield and Drake Passage, Antarctica [CNDP-ESP_IPY_POL2006-13836-C03-01]
En Espa?ol: El proyecto PASOC (campa?a DRAKE2008) se desarrolla en el marco del A?o Polar Internacional 2007-09 y se integra dentro del proyecto Plates and Gates. Esta iniciativa pretende establecer ...

5. Geophysics and Marine Geology of the Northern Portion of the Antarctic Peninsula [CNDA-ESP_ANT96-1001-HE046]
In English: Multichannel and single channel seismic reflection, high resolution seismic, sononbuoys, multibeam soundings, gravimetric and magnetic profiles were made. The object of the investigation ...

6. Geologic and geophysical study of the Scotia Arc: The Southern ridge of the Scotia area [CNDA-ESP_SCOTIA-92-HE003]
In English: The objectives of this campaign were: -Transition among different plates and sub-plates; Shetland, Drake, Scotia and Antarctic and their joint points. -Study of the link between the ...

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