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1. Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Isotopes in the Siple Dome and Byrd Ice Cores, Antarctica [NSIDC-0407]
This data set consists of Gas-isotopic data from the Siple Dome and and Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 (GISP2) ice cores covering roughly the last 100,000 years (100 ka), consisting of d15N (15N/14N) ...

2. ADBEX III Oxygen Isotope Results For Snow And Sea Ice Sampling [ADBEX_III_oxygen_isotope]
During the ADBEX III voyage, 254 samples of sea ice and snow drift on sea ice was collected. Careful notes on the date and location of the samples was kept. The samples were then analysed to determine ...

3. Firn Air Inert Gas and Oxygen Observations from Siple Dome, 1996, and the South Pole, 2001 [NSIDC-0290]
This data set includes gas ratios in polar firn air: O2/N2, 15N/14N, 40Ar/N2, 40Ar/36Ar, 40Ar/38Ar, ...

4. Ice and snow pit measurements observed during the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Ice_Snowpits]   PARENT METADATA
This dataset contains routine measurements of snow and ice thickness, and snow-ice interface temperature, at 1m intervals along standard transects; snow property characterisation in snow pits measured ...

5. Reconstructions of paleo winter sea ice concentrations and revised age models for marine sediment cores SO136-111 and E27-23. [ASAC_2534_winter_sea_ice]
The Holocene sea-ice project brings together for the first time, records from the Antarctic continent and deep sea sediments that will allow us to calibrate three sea-ice extent surrogates, validate ...

6. Snow, sea ice, slush, brine and seawater: Oxygen isotopic ratio data from the SIPEX II voyage of the Aurora Australis, 2012 [SIPEX_II_Oxygen_Isotope_Ratio]   PARENT METADATA
During the ice stations, sea ice, brine/slush, snow and under-ice water sampling were collected for oxygen isotopic ratio. Ice cores were collected using a Kovacs 9 cm diameter ice corer. The ice ...

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