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1. State of the Cryosphere [NSIDC-0090]
The Cryospheric regions, or regions where water is found in solid form, are among the most sensitive to temperature change. Average temperatures in snow and ice-covered areas typically ...

2. Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget experiment and data [GERB_OMA_BE]
The Institut Royal Meteorologique de Belgique ( RMIB ) and its On Line Short-term Service ( ROLSS ) provides near real-time Level 2.0 (radiances and fluxes) data from the GERB instruments. This ...

3. CLPX-Model: Land Data Assimilation System (LDAS) Data [NSIDC-0181]
The LDAS data set contains 43 model and observation-based fields produced by the LDAS uncoupled modeling system at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center using the Mosaic Land Surface Model (LSM). ...

4. CRYSYS Snow Research, Canada [Canada_CRYSYS_SnowResearch]
Main thrusts in CRYSYS snow-related research are: (1) the development and validation of microwave algorithms for snow cover properties (extent, water equivalent, wet/dry state) in varying ...

5. Fluxes and energy budget at Dome-C, Antarctica, between 1996 and 2003 [Bound_layer_char_at_Dome-C]
The Antarctic Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) plays a crucial role in connecting the atmospheric, the oceanic, and cryospheric components of the Antarctic climatic system. The knowledge of the Antarctic ...

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