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1. Investigations of the Thermometry, Seismicity, Pyroclastic Rocks, and Geochemistry of Fumarolic Gases and Water, Deception Island, Antartica [ANTARTICA_JCADM_DNA_VOLCANOLOGY]   CHILD METADATA
This dataset is the result of the monitoring of the volcano Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antartica. The dataset includes geologic analyses of pyroclastic rocks, geochemical analyses ...

2. Multiple scattering from icequakes at Erebus volcano, Antarctica, and practical convergence of coda-based correlations [J.Chaput_2015_Erebus_icequake_scattering_coda_1]   PARENT METADATA
We examine seismic coda from an unusually dense deployment of over 100 short-period and broadband seismographs in the summit region of Mount Erebus volcano on a network with an aperture of approximately ...

3. New Zealand Volcano Database [GNS_VD]
The New Zealand Volcano Database is an interrelated database consisting of three sub-datasets covering New Zealand's active and dormant volcanoes. 1. Time-series data consisting mainly of geophysical ...

ENGLISH The purpose of this project is to make a full study of the Deception Island volcanic system. The geologic research will be carried on through various disciplines. Thus, structure, volcanic ...

5. Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers (VAACS) [VAACS]
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other Aviation concerns recognized the need to keep aviators informed of volcanic hazards. To that end, nine Volcanic Ash Advisory Centers ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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