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1. Seawater Chemistry from the North Pole Environmental Observatory, 2000-2005 [ARCSS095]
This data set includes diverse measurements of seawater chemistry along with supplementary conductivity, temperature, depth (CTD); pressure; salinity; potential temperature; and density data from ...

2. Circulation in the Freshwater Switchyard of the Arctic Ocean: Helicopter CTD Profile Data 2003-2005 [ARCSS129]
The Freshwater Switchyard of the Arctic Ocean (FSAO) project includes a helicopter based at Alert on northern Ellesmere Island to carry out oceanographic surveys northward across the shelf break ...

3. North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) Oceanographic Mooring Data, 2001-2002 [ARCSS156]
This data set, acquired with an oceanographic bottom-anchored mooring, includes sea-ice draft and depth data, conductivity, temperature, pressure, salinity, and ocean current measurements such as ...

4. North Pole Environmental Observatory (NPEO) Weather and Radiation Buoy Data, 2002-2004 [ARCSS127]
This data set includes in situ air pressure, wind, temperature, longwave radiation, and shortwave radiation measurements. Data were recorded from 27 April 2002 through 24 April 2004 by weather stations ...

5. North Pole Environmental Observatory Aerial CTD Survey [ARCSS088]
This data set includes conductivity, temperature, depth (CTD), pressure, salinity, potential temperature, and density data, which were collected yearly, 2000 to 2006, in the Arctic Ocean as part of ...

6. North Pole Environmental Observatory PMEL/CRREL 2000-2003 Ice Temperature and Mass Balance Buoy Data [ARCSS128]
This data set contains ice temperature and mass balance data from drifting ice buoys near the North Pole in the Central Basin of the Arctic Ocean. Buoys were deployed each April by the Pacific Marine ...

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