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1. Chemical and Isotopic Tracers from the Arctic Ocean [ARCSS079]
These data are water column and sediment data tabulated in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. They were largely collected in the Bering and Chukchi Seas, with some coverage for the Beaufort and East Siberian ...

2. Radiation Measurements from the USCGC Polar Sea, 1994 [ARCSS093]
This data set includes spectral and broadband measurements of downwelling shortwave and longwave radiation made aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter 'Polar Sea' during the 1994 Arctic Ocean Section ...

3. Arctic Ocean Section Porewater Chemistry Data, 1994 [ARCSS029]
This data set contains data collected during the joint Canadian-U.S. Arctic Ocean Section 1994 cruise in the central Arctic ocean. The purpose of the research was to provide the first description ...

4. Heterotrophic Bacteria and Protists in the Upper Water Column of the Central Arctic Ocean [ARCSS053]
This data set contains information on heterotrophic bacteria and protists in the upper water column of the central Arctic Ocean, collected during the Canada/U.S. 1994 Arctic Ocean Section, July-September ...

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