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1. CAMEX-3 DC-8 Data and Distribution System (DADS) Navigation Data [dc8dads]
The CAMEX-3 DC-8 Data Aquisition and Distribution System and Navigation data files contain information recorded by on board navigation and data collection systems. In addition ...

2. CAMEX-3 JPL Laser Hygrometer [dc8laserh]
This dataset was collected during CAMEX-3 in Aug and Sep of 1998, and consists of timeline measurements (one timeline per flight) of water vapor content during each of the ...

3. CAMEX-3 MACAWS [dc8macaws]
The Multi-center Airborne Coherent Atmospheric Wind Sensor (MACAWS) was deployed during the Third Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX_3). Line-of-sight velocity and ...

4. CAMEX-3 NAST-I Radiance Products [er2nasti]
The National Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite System (NPOESS) Atmospheric Sounding Testbed (NAST) is a suite of airborne infrared and microwave spectrometers, being developed ...

5. CAMEX-3 AMPR Brightness Temperature (TB) [amprtbcx3]
The Advanced Microwave Precipitation Radiometer (AMPR) was deployed during the Third Convection and Moisture Experiment (CAMEX-3). AMPR data were collected ...

6. CAMEX-3 Mission Reports [cmx3misrep]
The Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX) is a series of field research investigations sponsored by the Earth Science Enterprise of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration ...

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