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1. CORINE Biotopes Inventory of Sites of International Importance for Nature Conservation in the EU and Finland [EIC04_CORINE_BIOTOPES]
The CORINE biotopes (Version 2000) database is an inventory of major nature sites. The database began under the CORINE Biotopes project to enhance reliable and accessible information about ...

2. CORINE Land Cover Project for Ireland [ERA_Maptech_CORINE]
The CORINE Land Cover Project for Ireland was implemented in the framework of a unique transborder co-operation involving survey teams from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK). There ...

3. Geomorphology, Geology, Erosion trends and Coastal Defence works [EEA_EROSION]
The dataset consists of two layers: 1) This layer features both morpho-sedimentological and geological patterns of the European coastline. Both a geomorphological and a geological code ...

4. Map of the Natural Vegetation [geodata_0368]
The digital version of the Vegetation Map of the European Communities and the Council of Europe held by GRID covers all of Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, ...

5. Soil Erosion Risk in Southern Europe [EEA_SOIL_EROSION]
The CORINE Soil Erosion Risk project (Version 1990) is an assessment of the potential and actual soil erosion risk in Southern Europe based on four factors: soil, climate, slopes and vegetation. ...

6. Soil Map of the European Communities (CORINE) [geodata_0367]
The Soil Map of the European Communities was digitized by June 1986 from the original map at a scale of one to 1 000 000. There were two layers of the map which were integrated for the CORINE Project ...

7. Soil Types for Europe [EEA_SOIL_TYPE]
Corine European soil database version 2. The soil units of Europe at a scale of 1:1.000.000 were digitized during the CORINE project. Information from archives of national soils information was subsequently ...

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