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1. Cape Roberts Core-3 Authigenic Clays [CRP-3_authigenics]   PARENT METADATA
The data set include a table summary of the distribution of the authigenic vs. detrital smectite, zeolites, and other authigenic minerals within the extent of drill core-3 of the Cape Roberts Project ...

2. Cape Roberts Project Organic Geochemical Data [rkettler]
These data sets include measurements of total carbon (TC), total organic carbon (TOC), total nitrogen (N) and total sulphur (S) made on whole rock samples collected as part of the Cape ...

3. Cape Roberts Project diatom biostratigraphic data [CRP_DIATOM_DATA]
Diatom biostratigraphic data from Cape Roberts Project cores. Includes quantitative counts of diatoms plus silicoflagellates, endoskeletal dinoflagellates and ebridians for upper Eocene ...

4. Core and Borehole Fractures from the Cape Roberts Drilling Project, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Transantarctic Mountains Front Stress Field History [CRP_Frac]
Natural and drilling-induced fractures in core, and fractures in borehole walls, were logged from three Cape Roberts Project drillholes located in the western Ross Sea, Antarctica. Core ...

5. Deep Sea Geological Core Samples from the FSU Antarctic Research Facility [FSU_ARF]   CHILD METADATA
The Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility Core and Sample Database contains basic descriptive information about deep-sea cores and samples collected by USAP investigators since the ...

6. Geochemical and radiometric age data on core samples from the Cape Roberts Project, Western Ross Sea, Antarctica. [Kyle-Cape_Roberts]
1. 40Ar/39Ar dates of minerals separated from pumiceous tephra layers in the core from Cape Roberts Project cores 1 and 2. 2. Major and trace element analyses of fine grain sediment ...

7. Oligocene calcareous nannofossils from Cape Roberts Project cores 2A and 3 [CPROBERTS_OLG_NANOFOSSILS]
This data set includes calcareous nannofossil counts from samples collected during the Cape Roberts Project drilling in the Victria Land Basin. Specimens were identified to species and ...

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