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1. Bacteria Monitoring Program [gomc_179]
The EMAP National Coastal Database contains estuarine and coastal data that EMAP and Regional-EMAP have collected since 1990 from thousands of stations along the U.S. coasts. These data ...

2. EMAP - Benthic replicate abundance, grab and summary data [epa_emap]   PARENT METADATA
Benthic Grab Information, Benthic Replicate Abundance data, Benthic Summary Data by station characterize the benthic grab data from samples collected in National Coastal Assessment (NCA) Estuaries. ...

3. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) [EPA0158]   CHILD METADATA
The "Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP)" was developed in 1988 for the purpose of estimating the current status, changes, and trends in indicators of the condition ...

4. Maine Coastal 2000 - Gulf of Maine Assessment [gomc_121]   PARENT METADATA
To answer broad-scale questions on environmental conditions, EMAP and its partners have collected estuarine and coastal data from thousands of stations along the coasts of the continental United ...

5. Massachusetts Ecosystem Assessment Program [gomc_168]
The MEAP program was part of CZM until 2003, when state funding for the monitoring position dried up. MEAP was essentially the NCA-MA cooperative partnership (NCA=EPA's National Coastal Assessment ...

6. National Coastal Assessment/Coastal 2000s [gomc_82]   CHILD METADATA   PARENT METADATA
The US EPA's National Coastal Assessment surveys the condition of the Nation's coastal resources by creating an integrated, comprehensive monitoring program among the coastal states. To answer broad-scale ...

7. New Hampshire Coastal 2000 - 2002 Gulf of Maine Assessment [gomc_202]   PARENT METADATA
The US EPA National Coastal Assessment (also known as Coastal 2000 or C2000) is a five-year effort led by the EPA Office of Research and Development to evaluate the assessment methods it has developed ...

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