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1. Diversity Changes in Soil Mesofauna (Springtails and Oribatid Mites) in the Subarctic (Abisko Swedish Lapland) [SOIL_INVERTEBRATES_ARCTIC_KRAB_IPY213_NL]
Northern peatlands have been globally important accumulators of carbon as plant litter and older soil organic matter. As climate changes, the decomposition rates of these peatlands and consequently ...

2. VR-BTF; Back to the Future: Decadal time scale change in Arctic and Antarctic terrestrial ecosystem [SMHI_IPY_BTF]
VR-BTF will coordinate an endorsed International Polar Year project that includes over 50 environmental networks and projects and, with a sister US-BTF project, will provide a synthesis of documented ...

Showing 1 through 2 of 2
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