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1. GATE Aircraft Observations, 1974Jun-Sep [NCAR_DS875.0]
This dataset contains observations from U.S. and some foreign aircraft during the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE). The GATE period was from June to September 1974.

2. GARP Global Upper Air and Surface Obervations for June 1970 [NCAR_DS600.0]
This Global Atmospheric Research Programme (GARP) dataset was compiled from observations received operationally at the National Meteorological Center (NMC) and the Environmental ...

3. GATE ASECNA African Daily Precipitation for 1974 [NCAR_DS515.0]
This dataset contains daily precipitation data for 1974 for stations in several African countries. These data were provided by ASECNA (Agency for Air Traffic Safety in Africa ...

4. GATE Global Upper Air and Surface Observations, 1974Jun-Sep [NCAR_DS388.0]
Data collected during the GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment.

5. GATE Ship Radar / Quadra Full Resolution, 1974Jun-Sep [NCAR_DS845.2]
This collection of Quadra radar data from the GATE experiment was received from Canada.

6. GATE Ship Radar, 1974Jun-Sep [NCAR_DS845.1]
This data set contains the polar digital tiltsequence data (normally one sequence each 15 min consisting of a base tilt scan followed by scans taken at successively higher tilt angles) collected with ...

7. Krishnamurti's GATE Tropical 300mb, 250mb, and 200mb Wind [NCAR_DS302.1]
This dataset contains 100 days of tropical wind analyses for the 300mb, 250mb, and 200mb levels. These analyses were provided by T.N. Krishnamurti at Florida State University. ...

8. Bathythermograph (MBT and XBT) and Termistor Chain Temperature Data from the Atlantic and the North Sea; Some Global Data; GATE and FLEX [DOD_M_XBT_TERMISTOR]
FILE: BT/XBT-data This file consists of Mechanical (MBT) and XBT data, mainly from the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Temperature/Depth data are available from 38,200 stations, ...

9. Current Data from the Northeast Atlantic, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea [DOD_CURRENTS]
FILE: Sea surface current data This file consists of Sea surface current data at German, Federal Republic, light vessels, mainly in the North Sea and the Baltic. Data are available from 1924 to the ...

10. Wave Data from the Northeast Atlantic, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea [DOD_WAVES]
FILE: Wave spectra This file consists of 601 wave spectra from the Northeast Atlantic (GATE, 1974) and North Sea (FLEX, 1976). FILE: Wave observations This file consists of Wave observations at German, ...

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