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1. Carbonate Chemistry of the North Pacific Ocean from the North Pacific Shuttle Experiment (NORPAX) and NOAA Dynamics Cruises, CDIAC NDP-029 [CDIAC_NDP29]
This package documents carbonate data obtained during two NOAA CO2 Dynamics Cruises and the NORPAX Hawaii-Tahiti Shuttle Experiment. One data source was NOAA/s CO2 Dynamics Cruise of the eastern ...

2. Pazan's U.S. Navy Northern Hemisphere Sea-Level Pressure Grids for 1946Jan to 1978Dec [NCAR_DS018.1]
The daily sea-level pressure grids in this dataset were received from Steve Pazan of the U.S. Navy Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (FNOC). The 63x63 polar-stereographic ...

3. Surface Water and Atmospheric CO2 and N2O Observations, from CDIAC [NCAR_DS253.0]
Results from water analysis using shipboard automated gas chromatography. CDIAC dataset NDP044, Weiss, et. al.

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