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1. Forest Health Monitoring Program (FHMP), USDA Forest Service [usdafs_d_fhmp]
The Forest Health Monitoring (FHM) program is a multi-agency, cooperative effort to determine the status, changes,and trends in all forest ecosystems in the United States on an annual basis. The ...

2. INVADERS Database Project [umtdbs_d_invaders]
The INVADERS Database is a comprehensive database of exotic plant names and weed distribution records for five states in the northwestern United States. The spatial and temporal ...

3. National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) [usdaaphis_d_napis]
National Agricultural Pest Information System (NAPIS) provides plant pest survey data on a national scale in conjunction with the Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS). Access to NAPIS ...

4. Natural Resources Management and Assessment Program (NRMAP) and National Park Service (NPS) Exotic Plants [doinps_d_nrmap]
The Natural Resource Management and Assessment Program (NRMAP) database contains the most comprehensive data available about nonindigenous (exotic) species for NPS units. Initial data ...

5. Noxious Weed Information System (NWIS) [cadfaipcb_d_nwis]
The California Department of Food and Agriculture is developing a Noxious Weed Information System (NWIS) to coordinate information on noxious weed control in California. The NWIS is an integrated ...

6. ROADVEG - Maintenance Division, Roadside Vegetation [utdot_d_roadveg]
The Utah Department of Transportation, in collaboration with Utah State University, developed a relational database and GIS, dubbed ROADVEG, that encodes land and vegetation attributes ...

7. USDA Forest Service Noxious/Invasive Database [usdafs_d_fsnoxious]
The Forest Service Noxious/Invasive Database consists of three elements: administrative and reporting, inventory, and biological control information. The administrative reporting section is part of ...

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