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1. CONOP9 Web Service To Correlate Stratigraphic Sections [CHRONOS_CONOP9]
CONOP9's primary purpose is to correlate stratigraphic sections which contain fossils. It finds the best sequence of first and last appearance of fossil taxa, can handle large amounts of data from ...

2. Age Range Chart for Multiple Species [CHRONOS_ARC]   PARENT SERF
Age Range Chart (ARC) is a tool for plotting the occurrences vs. age for multiple species in different holes. Occurrences are plotted as dots or blocks, sized according to species abundances and colored ...

CHRONOS (Greek: time) is working with the Earth science community to develop a dynamic, interactive and time-calibrated network of databases and visualization and analytical methodologies ...

4. TimeScale Creator [CHRONOS_TSC]   PARENT SERF
This test-prototype version is mainly a Cenozoic-Cretaceous framework (re-calibrated to GTS2004), and contains the following: (1) Full era-period-series-stages for entire time scale through Precambrian, ...

5. Virtual Storm [Virtual_Storm]
Virtual Storm A virtual reality educational application to teach about severe storms and tornados The Virtual Storm is a VR application that was designed to give users a hands on experience with ...

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