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IRI (1)
ACME (1) ACME Laboratories
IVS (1) Interactive Visualization Systems
ARTEFACTUAL SYSTEMS (1) Artefactual Systems
JMP (1) JAKENMAX Productions
AVISO (1) Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Satellite Oceanographic Data
KKWDK (1) kk+w digitale kartografie
AVSY (2) Avian Systems, Inc.
KWARE - GS (4) KWARE - Geological Software
AWIS (1) Agricultural Weather Information Service, Inc.
KWI (2) Kitware, Inc
BB (1) BiologyBase
L-3 COM/TG (1) Titan Group, L-3 Communications
BBN (1) BBN Technologies
LAT/LON (1) lat/lon
BP (1) BP p.l.c.
LI (1) Luna Imaging, Inc
BPES (1) BP Educationa Service
LM/ATC/LMSAL (2) Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin
CAMPTOCAMP-GIS-IT (1) Camptocamp GIS and IT Engineering
CARBONPROJECT (1) Carbon Project
MAPUFACTURE (1) Mapufacture
CD (1) Convective Development
MARTINDALE (1) Martindale Center
CERC-UK (10) Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants, UK
MII (1) MicroImages, Inc.
CHEVRON (1) Chevron Corp.
MS (1) Microsoft Corporation
CHRISTINE_GIS (1) Christine GIS Systems
NBC/MSNBC (1) Microsoft NBC, National Broadcast Company
NOVELL (1) Novell
CMRN (1) Clary-Meuser Research Network
NTWARE (1) Win2000 Archives
CSA (1) Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
OMNISCALE (1) Omniscale
CoreLogic (1) Core Logic
DCI/DC (1) Discovery Channel, Discovery Communications Inc.
PAZ (1) PAZ Software
DHI-S (2) DHI Software
PCIG (1) PCI Geomatics
DMSG (3) DM Solutions Group
PDI (1) Plumb Designs Inc.
DS (2) Dynamic Solutions International
PISCES (11) PISCES Conservation Ltd.
EASY (1) EASy Software
EM (4) ERA Maptec, Ltd
PS (1) Pocket Systems Ltd
EMAG (1) E/The Environmental Magazine
RAMAS (8) Ramas Ecological Software
EMS-I (3) Environmental Modeling Systems, Inc.
REGENT (1) Regent Instruments Inc.
RITI (14) Reading Information Technology, Inc.
ESRI (6) Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
RR (3) Refractions Research
ESS (6) Ecological Software Solutions
RS (2) Resurgent Software
ESSA (1) ESSA Technologies
RSI (1) RADARSAT International
ET (1) Europa Technologies, Ltd
RSINC (1) Research Systems Inc.
ET/ASG (1) Atmospheric Studies Group, Earth Tech
RWI (3) RockWare, INC.
EZ APPS, INC. (1) EZ Apps, Inc.
SCCI (2) StormCenter Communications, Inc.
FB (1) Fourmilab
SCENOMICS (1) Scenomics
FORUM ONE (1) Forum One
SCIAM (1) Scientific American, Inc.
FPS (1) Fire Program Solutions, L.L.C.
SCO (1) Social Change Online
GEODYSSEY (1) Geodyssey Limited
SDI/P (1), Surveillance Data, Inc.
SHAPE2EARTH (1) Shape2Earth
GEOKEM (1) GeoKem
SINAUER (3) Sinauer Associates, Inc.
SOFTREE (1) Softree Technical Systems Inc.
GEOOPTICS (1) GeoOptics
SP (4) Spatial Ecology
GEOWARE (1) Geoware Online
SPOT/FR (1) SPOT Image Corporation, France
GGSD (1) Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Software Directory
SPOT/US (1) SPOT Image Corporation, US
GOLDEN SOFTWARE (4) Golden Software
SPS (1) Space Research Software
GOOGLE (5) Google
SSS (1) Silicon Spaceships
GW (2) GenaWare Inc.
STD (1) Solar Terrestrial Dispatch
HM (1) Hydromodel
TAC (1) Aerospace Corporation
TWC (1) The Weather Channel
HSI (1) Harmonic Software Inc.
Transvalor Innovation (1) Transvalor Innovation
IBM/R (1) IBM Research
UNISYS/WS (1) Weather Services, UNISYS Corporation
ICFC/REMSAD (1) Regional Modeling System for Aerosols and Deposition, ICF Consulting
ICFC/SAI/UAM-V (1) UAM-V, Systems Applications International, ICF Consulting
IDS (1) Intelligence Data Systems
VSI (1) Vivid Solutions Inc.
IMAGELINKS/RSO (2) Remote Sensing, Image Links
VT (1) Video Transfer, Inc.
INTELEC (1) INformation Technology TELECommunication Geomatics Inc.
WGBH/EF/TD (1) Teachers' Domain, Education Foundation, WGBH
INTERGRAPH (2) Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions
WGT (4) Weather Graphics Technologies
INTEVATION (3) Intevation GmbH
WX_UNDERGROUND (1) The Weather Underground, Inc.
INTEVATION GMBH (1) Intevation GmbH
Z-ZNR (1) Zoonomen - Zoological Nomenclature Resource
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