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52N (2) 52 North
MOSAIC (1) Mosaic Conservation
ACTIVITY WORKSHOP (1) Activity Workshop
MOTE (1) Mote Marine Laboratory
AMC (1) Appalachian Mountain Club
NAAEE (1) North American Association for Environmental Education
AMFOR (1) American Forests
NATURESERVE-USA (2) NatureServe, United States
AMNH/CBC (5) Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, American Museum of Natural History
NCSE (1) National Council for Science and the Environment
AMNH/DH (1) Department of Herpetology, American Museum of Natural History
NGS (4) National Geographic Society
AMNH/SB (1) Science Bulletins, American Museum of Natural History
NSGIC (1) National States Geographic Information Council
AMS/DATASTREME (1) DatStreme Project, American Meteorological Society
NWAIN/SN (1) STREAMNET, Northwest Aquatic Information Network
AT (1) Archivists’ Toolkit
Apache (2) Apache Software Foundation
COMTF (1) California Oak Mortality Task Force
OSDTI (1) Open Source Data Turbine Initiative
COSMOS/VDC (1) Virtual Data Center, Consortium of Organizations for Strong-Motion Observation Systems
OSGEO (5) Open Source Geospatial Foundation
CTC (1) CyberTracker Conservation
PF (1)
CVAG (1) Coachella Valley Association of Governments
PWET (1) Project Wet
CVI (1) Canaan Valley Institute
RC (1) RealClimate
DEFENDERS (1) Defenders of Wildlife
SII (1) Sirenian International, Inc.
DU/SR (1) Southern Region, Ducks Unlimited, Inc
SRC (1) Syracuse Research Corporation
ECO/INFO (1) Inforain, Ecotrust
SRI/AI (1) Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International
ECOTRUST (1) Ecotrust
STRATEGIES (2) Institute for Global Environmental Strategies
EDF (1) Environmental Defense Fund
ER (4) EarthRef
EXP (1) Exploratorium
TSC (1) Tropical Science Center
HEALTHMAP (1) HealthMap
IA (1) Internet Archive
USRA/CASS/LPI/ED (1) Education, Lunar and Planetary Institute, Center for Advanced Space Studies,  Universities Space Research Association
IEDRO (1) International Environmental Data Rescue Organization
VTP (1) Virtual Terrain Project
IFIS (1) International Food Information Service
WFC/FB (1) FishBase, WorldFish Center
IFIS-P/FSC (1) Food Science Central, International Food Information Service, Publishing
WFC/RB (1) ReefBase, WorldFish Center
IGC (1) Institute for Global Communications, San Francisco
WK (1)
LOF (1) Living Oceans Foundation
WPTI (1) The Wildlife Trust
MBG (1) Missouri Botanical Garden
WWF (2) World Wildlife Fund
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