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1. Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: MA Scenarios [CIESIN_SEDAC_MA_SCENARIOS]
The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment: MA Scenarios provide useful insight into the complex factors that drive ecosystem change, estimating the magnitude of regional pressures on ecosystems and critical ...

2. OMI/Aura Level 2 Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Trace Gas Column Data 1-Orbit subset Swath along CloudSat track 1-Orbit Swath 13x24 km [GES_DISC_OMNO2_CPR_V003]
This is a CloudSat-collocated subset of the original product OMNO2, for the purposes of the A-Train mission. The goal of the subset is to select and return OMI data that are within +-100 km across ...

3. OMI/Aura NO2 Total and Tropospheric Column Daily L2 Global 0.25 deg Lat/Lon Grid V003 (OMNO2G) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_OMNO2G_V003]
The second Release of Collection 003 of OMI/Aura Global Gridded Nitrogen Dioxide Product 'OMNO2G' is now available, from the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences Data and Information Services Center (GES DISC). ...

4. OMI/Aura Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Total and Tropospheric Column 1-orbit L2 Swath 13x24 km V003 (OMNO2) at GES DISC [GES_DISC_OMNO2_V003]
The second release of collection 3 OMI/Aura Level-2 NO2 data product OMNO2 is now available ( ) to public and science community from the NASA Goddard ...

5. NASA Land Information System (LIS) Data Sets [NASA_LIS_DATA]
The Land Information System (LIS) provides collection of sample data for demonstration of LIS code. The original source of each data set is given whenever possible. LIS does not endorse the validity, ...

The Mowing Experiment Biophysical Measurements data set was collected to quantify the effects of grazing and nitrogen fertilization on primary productivity and plant chemistry. The data in this data ...

7. NASA/Ames Global Emissions Data Set (GLEMIS) [NASA_AMES_GLEMIS]
NASA-CASA data sets include global maps for predicted fluxes of soil nitrogen gases (N2O and NO), methane (CH4), and carbon monoxide (CO), plus predictions of net primary production (NPP) and carbon ...

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