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1. Extended Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer Polar Pathfinder Satellite Product [Extended_AVHRR_Polar_Pathfinder]
This data set consists of AVHRR retrievals of surface and cloud properties as well as radiative fluxes for the period 1982 - 1999 over the Arctic and Antarctic at a 25 km resolution. The images times ...

2. ISCAT 2000 South Pole Observations of Trace Gases [ISCAT_2000]
The ISCAT 2000 field observations went from mid November to end of December 2000 at the South Pole. Most of the observations were made in the Atmospheric Research Observatory (ARO) building. ...

3. Radiation observations on an ice floe on the Weddell Sea, 11/2004-01/2005 [FIMR_ISPOL_RADIATION]
As a part of the international expedition Ice Station Polarstern (ISPOL,, radiation measurements were carried out on ice floes on the Weddell Sea (68 degrees S, 55 degrees W) ...

4. Surface radiation at King Sejong station in the Antarctic Peninsula [KPDC-MD-2006-012]
To quantify the variation of radiation budget and albedo near the surface, incoming short/long wave radiation, outgoing short/long wave radiation have been measured at King Sejong Station in the Antarctic ...

5. Turbulent exchange of heat, water vapor, CO2 and momentum at King Sejong station in the Antarctic Peninsula [KPDC-MD-2006-007]
Turbulent fluxes of heat, water vapor, CO2 and momentum have been measured directly by using eddy covariance system at King Sejong Station since December, 2002. The study site consists of small rock ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5

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