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1. A distribution of vegetation survey and an environmental assessment carried out to identify any damage caused by previous occupation of the area by man at Cape Hallett's Specially Protected Area No. 7 [K014_1982_1983_NZ_3]
Specially Protected area No.7 is located at the base of Seabee Spit and comprises two major habitat types: a large flat area interrupted by small hummocks and depressions, and adjoining steep scree ...

2. Ecological survey of the birds, algae, lichen, fungi, and invertebrates on ice free areas of the Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land [K053_1987_1988_NZ_3]
A 5-6 week remote field expedition was carried out to visit all rock outcrops in the Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land to make a general biological survey of the region and assemble good plant ...

3. Ecological survey of the algae, lichen, fungi, and invertebrates on ice free areas of the La Gorce Mountains [K058_1996_1997_NZ_1]
A detailed study of far south ecosystems was conducted at La Gorce Mountains and nearby nunataks. A general biological survey was carried out describing the occurrence of any organisms encountered ...

4. Vegetation distribution (distribution mapping and microscopic examination) at Cape Bird [K053_1982_1983_NZ_2]
Extensive vegetation mapping and microscopic examination of sample material was completed at Cape Bird in detail enough so that maps were produced marking the location of all major algal, moss and ...

5. Vegetation distribution (maps, soil temperature, and microscopic examination) on the surface of heated ground at Tramway Ridge, Mt Erebus [K053_1982_1983_NZ_1]
Descriptions of the vegetation distribution on the surface of steam heated warm ground, especially in relation to temperature gradients from cold to hot areas was investigated on the summit of Mt ...

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